One-Off Collection

This is our newest undertaking, and we hope you will enjoy it! We have decided instead of trying to flood the market with multiple permanent scents, we will be doing "one-off" scents. Basically, while we've been busy perfecting new permanent line scents, we have had some crazy ideas, and concoctions we would like to share with you, our customers. These scents could make it onto the permanent line, or they may just be a one batch and done type of scent. This also means they will be done in very small batches, and when they're gone, that's it! So make sure when they release, you snag one, because once they are all gone, that could very well be it. 

The first scent of this new collection will be called "Cody." I am not going to give away the scent profile yet, but it will definitely be something different, and never done before here at the Ape. So stay tuned right here as more info becomes available!